David's Digital Master Class
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Classes are held in the metro Cincinnati area in Northern Kentucky - plan to fly into
Greater Cincinnati, Ohio Airport - CVG - here is the link.

Invitation to Photographers

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This master class received rave reviews the past seven years! You will eat, sleep, and breathe Digital photography for 4Ĺ days - over 40 hours at Davidís workshop. Itís a great way to revitalize your creative abilities, learn how to be more profitable, and meet a great group of photographers from around the country. Cost is only $895 for the 4 1/2 days. Reservations are limited to the first 25 reservations confirmed for this session.

IMPORTANT NEW NEWS! David will spend Four and 1/2 ENTIRE DAYS discussing his Digital Workflow and Sales flow in his Studio. We will spend two days shooting digital and you will get hands-on experience with some of the major leading digital cameras now on the market. David will discuss his transition to digital and explore the pitfalls (minor) and peaks (major) of his transition. You will see EXACTLY how he markets Digital to his enthusiastic clients. You will view the finished results as well - double volume, 300 image wedding albums; and up to 30x40 inch wall portraits he delivers to his clients.

DIGITAL can literally:
- Give you a $4000/month raise
- Add $300 to $500 to each and every wedding you shoot from this point on.
- Save you 60% of your production time.
- Raise the level of service to your clients dramatically.


DIGITAL - David's "Super Selling" system makes it easy.
Learn how easy DIGITAL is to shoot and sell.
How to put together a "dynamite" sales presentation for your clients.
How to produce mesmerizing DVD's and CD Roms of those presentations.
Effortless album design and print ordering of your weddings and events.
Prospecting and increasing new sales opportunities.
How to increase frame sales dramatically.
Image management to help you organize a year's worth of your photographs.
How to use upload and sell your DIGITAL and traditional images on the web even if you don't have a web site.

And you will learn how to be a better Marketer and Manager!
How to at least double your wedding average over the next two years.
How to take and sell twice the amount of images you sell now.
How to target your market to help you reach your sales goals.
Creating vendor relationships that are a both win situation for you and them.
Discussions and demonstrations of the refinement of elegant portrait lighting.
DIGITAL Camera and lighting considerations in producing outstanding wedding images
Discussion of equipment for dramatic results.
Discussion and on-location demonstrations in creating natural light images in varying locales.
Emphasis on handling challenging situations and producing dramatic results.
How to produce award winning photographs on every wedding.
Non-traditional uses of portable strobes to produce images of tremendous impact.
Problem solving techniques to handle bad weather, harsh lighting, and lousy locations.
Equipment considerations to create the best possible photographs for your clients
Developing a "Style" that sets you apart from the competition.
How to identify the clients you really want to do business with.
How to work with other wedding vendors who can give you a personal introduction to your clients.
Developing a sales strategy that will have your clients wanting to book your best coverage.
Turn more of the shoppers into concrete bookings.
How to encourage your clients to give you the time to produce your most creative work
Three presentation strategies that can double or triple sales.
How to stay excited in a profession that takes energy, creativity, and commitment!

Call today for your reservations
1 (800) 292-2994

Your investment is only $895.00
Your results are unlimited !
VISA, MC, AMEX accepted

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Your Personal Invitation

Dear Fellow Professional,

The most intense and the most exciting DIGITAL seminar that David gives each year is his in-studio seminars held near Cincinnati, Ohio. It is over 40 hours of "eating, sleeping, breathing, and experiencing" Digital photography.

David will also give special emphasis on "Super Hot" selling techniques. This system offers one of the most exciting - for you and your clients, profitable, easy, time saving, moneymaking opportunities for any wedding photographer working today. Using David's Super Selling system will easily pay for your course within your first three weddings.

Your cost for all 4 1/2 is only $895

Look at what is included:

Over 40 hours working closely with David to enhance your style, photographic, and selling techniques.
CD ROM of all David's images produced in the class.
Print Critique of you own wedding photography - bring some samples.
Two evening social functions with the entire class, compliments of David.
A guaranteed group size of no more than 25 students to insure a very personal experience for all those attending.
An affordable room rate with Cincinnati (CVG) airport shuttle service to our workshop hotel.
Complimentary refreshments and snacks served everyday throughout the seminar.
And lots more...
Because we are limiting the class size to the first 25 registrants, we are only taking reservations by phone to insure fairness to all persons interested in the workshop.

Call (800)-292-2994 today to REGISTER!!! A $350 deposit will reserve your space at the workshop with the balance due being payable 14 days before the seminar. THANKS!

Jennifer, Executive Assistant
David A. Ziser Photography

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Here is the schedule

Sunday: Arrival
Check-in at the hotel. Sunday evening on your own. Get a good night's rest to start the week. The hotel meeting room for Monday's session will be posted in the lobby for your convenience.

Monday: 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
DIGITAL! David will discuss, in depth, the secrets of composition with emphasis on how to add dramatic images to all of your weddings. In the afternoon, we will visit several locations and see how easy it is to produce these exciting pictorials on every job! All images will be produced digitally. David will discuss several aspects of going DIGITAL, including cameras, lens selection, lighting, and pitfalls and benefits of these exciting new opportunities for photographers.
Welcome Party: Around 6:30 in the evening we will all get together for refreshments, making friends, and good times.

Tuesday: 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Tuesdays continues with most of the day dedicated to finding the compositional elements in the scene, creating perfect lighting quickly and easily, using high speed flash sync techniques to create dramatic images, and much more.  We will review all the images at David's home during the "Wine and Cheese" party.  All attendees will receive a copy of the images.

Wednesday: 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
David will present the essence of his "WorkFlow/SalesFlow" and marketing and sales techniques. Super Selling techniques will be discussed. He will also discuss his most powerful sales tools available for the portrait, wedding, and senior photographer. We will cover specifically how to increase your wedding and Portrait sales average - Guaranteed!

Thursday: 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
David will discuss how his studio preps all the images for printing. This will include in-depth discussion of his archival Inkjet Digital Output workflow including color profiles and software used.  He will also cover some very exciting additional software options to really add "sizzle" to your product line.

DINNER NOTE: Please be David's guest for Dinner. Around 6:30 in the evening we will all get together for dinner, refreshments, friends, and good times.

Friday: 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Continued Marking and Sales and week wrap up. (David's average is over $10,700 today, up from $375 in 1978.)

What should you bring for this exciting, intense seminar? Bring your Digital cameras, samples of your work, a notebook, and very definitely a tape recorder.

Remember, today call at (800)-292-2994 to register.
We look forward to seeing you. Get ready for an exciting week!!!!!

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David Ziser, whose wedding photography is considered by many to be the finest in the world, has lectured on the subject of weddings to over 16,000 photographers in nine countries around the world.

The seminar will be devoted to challenging one's creativity, and enhancing his/her wedding photography as an art form.

Main topics to be discussed in the seminar will include a discussion of Ziser's style of photography and how he is constantly enhancing images that continue to be exciting and self-motivating.

The program will also include a discussion of compositional dynamics of the image with special emphasis on Line, Shape, Form, and Color as key ingredients for producing superior photographic images.

Although the seminar will revolve around Brides and Grooms, everyone who has ever taken a class with David knows that his ideas and concepts are founded in quality, contemporary portrait techniques. Therefore, the photographer specializing in portraiture should not miss this opportunity either, and is encouraged to participate and stretch his horizons in the seminar as well.

The seminar will not be strictly photography. Ziser will also briefly discuss his sales strategies. David's wedding average in 1979 was $375. In 1987 it was $3200. He currently has raised it to over $10,700 per wedding, nearly four times the average of his local market area.

David will discuss the "secrets" of producing award winning photographs on every job. In 1988, one of his entries scored a perfect 100. David also received his Fellowship Degree in the American Society of Photographers in 1988. Only 55 photographers in the world can claim that distinction. In 1990, his image entitled "Moonlight Serenade" was accepted into the American Photography Hall of Fame.

David believes that we photographers are too often wrapped up in photographic equipment and cook-book technique, unfortunately missing the intangible qualities of what our photography needs to capture most for our client - romance, sensitivity, and beauty - the essence of his photography.

David Ziser's program will spark your creativity and enthusiasm
the way no wedding program has ever done before.

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