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Corporate Sales Strategy for the Portrait/Wedding Studio

Program Synopsis
LaDawn knows how to sell and how to get her team to sell. She speaks her own language when it comes to sales – and that language is profits. She will demonstrate many of her proven sales approaches she used in all of her successful years in professional sales and retailing.

This is only the “tip of the iceberg” for her program. Every company needs a great set of people to help lead them to their success goals. Ms. Garber is a great team builder. She has built teams of over twenty staff members into a cohesive unit of sales professionals. Her teams typically exhibit a tremendous sense of loyalty to the company and the sales and profit goals of that company.

Even in our smaller businesses like most photographic studios, the importance of merchandising and marketing can never be overlooked. LaDawn comes from and extremely successful retail management background with two very successful corporate leaders and has distilled the best of her knowledge and experience for this program. She will show how, in any market, for any type of clientele, how to showcase you photographic products and market them effectively in a small town to a major metropolitan area. Her skills as a communicator leave her audiences enthused, motivated, and excited.

LaDawn’s Biography

Because of her of her savvy and tenacious sales and marketing ability and extensive background in retail/sales management, LaDawn has been called upon many times over the past twenty years to share her expertise with the photographic profession. She has acted as a frequent advisor to some of the top professional photographers in the Midwest. She has been involved in retail management for over twenty years.

She joined Les Wexner’s team in the company’s formative stages when there were only 50 stores nationwide. (Mr. Wexner is the founder of the Limited, Victoria’s Secrets, Limited Too, Abercrombie and Fitch – now over 1000 stores worldwide.) Her role included opening the first three stores in the Kansas City market and she consulted in the opening and management of several other stores in the Midwest market. LaDawn was a select member of Mr. Wexner’s elite advisory circle in those formative years.

On a personal note - as a mother raising three young children, she became passionately involved in the Ohio PTA. Because of her style, energy, and creative team building skills, she found herself in one of the top leadership positions at the state level. Her accomplishments included energizing and motivating many local units to reach new heights in their membership drives. She literally “wrote the book” for new member recruitment for the Ohio state PTA. She holds the honor of “lifetime” membership in the PTA.

She continued as a rising star in retailing, selling, and merchandising when she joined Pier One Imports. During her tenure at Pier One, LaDawn raised her store’s Sales, Productivity, and Profitability to its highest levels in the unit’s 25-year history. She also reached one of her greatest achievements by leading her small store in Trotwood, Ohio to the #3 spot nationwide in Pier One’s Friends and Family promotion in 2002.

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