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An Invitation to Photographers

Dear Fellow Professional,

I want to take this opportunity to announce David’s most exciting and complete Digital Master Class ever presented to the working wedding and portrait photographer. Set aside four and a half days to participate in an image inspiring, solutions oriented, profit-building experience unlike any other digital workshop being offered anywhere. David speaks to the “everyman” photographer out there. He speaks passionately from the heart of his experience and the soul of his creativity in a manner that energizes his audiences to reach for the sky and set far greater new goals for themselves.

David will cover, in depth, the key aspects of operating a very profitable digital studio.

• SHOOTING:  Shooting digital is not just for the wedding photojournalist – film is free – shoot a million. Digital is for the pictorial and portrait artists as well. David is producing some of the most exciting images of his career on digital media. The control that digital shooting allows only makes his images even more exciting. The opportunities are amazing for those who chose to make the transition. David will get you off and running at full speed. He will talk about a wide range of camera equipment. Live shooting at three unique locations will give you a very well rounded digital shooting learning experience. Additional shooting topics will feature: Lens selection; raw vs. jpeg shooting (he prefers jpeg); ins and outs of all the cameras’ menu choices and which settings are best for you; over and under exposure ramifications; how to get “dead on” expose every time – even in jpeg mode; flash considerations; getting the best results with digital shutter drag; media maintenance, failure, and recovery; and camera ergonomics; image management and archiving; etc.  You will learn more creative ways to use light than ever before.  David is not into the regular "studio lighting thing", but he is into creating beautiful directional light on the subject, and he will show you the fastest, easiest, most innovative ways to do just that!

The photography part of the class is not just about photography, it's about SEEING - seeing differently than you are used to seeing now.  It's about looking at the 3-D space first and then determining the best location for the subject.  It's about producing some of the most excitingly composed images ever - for you and your clients!

SHOWING & SELLING: David has been a photographic Sales and Marketing consultant for over twenty years and is considered one of the best Sales instructors in the photographic profession. He will discuss the easiest, fastest, most effective, and most profitable way to capitalize on the energies, efforts, and creativity of your digital shooting. David will spend an entire day getting you up to speed on the entire timesaving, profit-making aspects of his "Power Selling" system. Key topics will include: Building excitement and sales with your image presentation; Album design and building – most of David’s albums are multi volume sets; How to generate wonderful wall portrait sales: How to simplify order management and errorless delivery; Easy image management; The "How To’s" of easy internet posting to help you reap a bit more of the financial harvest from the fruits of your labor.

• Photoshop & COLOR MANAGEMENT: Do you have to be a software guru to be a digital photographer? Not really, but it helps. David’s finished photographic product depends a lot on how he enhances the image in Photoshop and other software products. He will spend one entire day teaching and demonstrating the most exciting, time saving, image improving features within these software solutions. The Photoshop features he will focus on will be those designed with the portrait, wedding photographer in mind. Primary emphasis will be on effective retouching while preserving the character of the subject; Easy short cuts to swapping expressions in group photographs to make everyone look terrific; Image color, B&W, sepia, and tinting techniques; Under and over exposure correction solutions; Image composition exercises; sophisticated album page design techniques; Beautiful vignette and soft focus effects; and more. David’s clients are constantly amazed by the finished results of the Photoshop magic he works on their images. He will share that magic with you in a way that will fuel your own Photoshop creativity. Photoshop’s learning curve is eased considerable under David’s straightforward, easy to understand, and entertaining presentation.  In addition, he will show you the hottest new pieces of software available to really enhance your workflow and salesflow.  You will be "blown away" by what's available.

• DIGITAL PRODUCTS: With any new technology comes the option of offering a whole new set of products. Many of these products can be produced easily and economically on a good inkjet printer or one of Kodak’s economically priced dye-sub printers. With new technologies also come new issues – how long will the image last? What are the best paper ink combinations? How do I handle the fragility of the ink-jet prints? Do different ink-jet papers demand different printer profiles? David is excited to give you the answers to all these questions and more. Ink-jet and dye-sub output is a very exciting part of our new digital paradigm. Get ready for some great ideas coming from this part of the week.

What else can I say; I want this workshop be the best digital workshop you have ever attended. I am trying to cram as much exciting information into 4 ½ days that I possibly can. I don’t want the class to be information overload, I want it to be a rich and satisfying information experience that sticks with you and helps you take your studio to brand new heights in career excitement, rewarding digital problem solving, gratifying profit building, and customer service enhancement. All workshop materials will be supplied. Give Susan a call at 1-800-292-2994 to reserve your space now. I can’t wait to see you there!

Regards, David

Plan to fly into the greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport (CVG).  Hotel shuttles available free of charge.

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Here is the schedule:

Sunday: Arrival
Check-in at the hotel. Sunday evening on your own. Get a good night's rest to start the week. The hotel meeting room for Monday's session will be posted in the lobby for your convenience.

Monday: 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

DIGITAL! David will discuss, in depth, all aspects of digital shooting as it relates to the wedding/portrait photographer. He will also discuss the secrets of creating striking digital images for your clients.  In the afternoon, we will visit several locations and see how easy it is to produce these exciting pictorials on every job! All images will be produced digitally. David will discuss several aspects of going DIGITAL, including cameras, lens selection, lighting, and pitfalls and benefits of these exciting new opportunities for photographers.

Welcome Party: Around 6:30 in the evening we will all get together for refreshments, making friends, and good times.

Tuesday: 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
The highlight of this workshop will be two days devoted to developing your skills with Digital Shooting,  Tuesday will continue with defining the "art of seeing".  What makes a great image - light, color, detail, composition, etc.  This will be an in-depth exercise on all of those topics.  As an added "cool" feature of the 2 days shooting, David will introduce you to his digital workflow.  We will edit the 2 day's images and print several 24x36 inch images for class review during the Wine and Cheese party Tuesday evening!  This has always been a great highlight of the master class.

Wednesday: 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
David will present the essence of his marketing and sales techniques. He will show you the  most powerful sales tools available for the portrait, wedding, and senior photographer.  These tools will be software based and market based, and e-market based.  You will be impressed with the possibilities presented.  We will cover specifically how to increase your wedding and Portrait sales average - Guaranteed!  Here is a quick note, David tested and implemented all these marketing ideas throughout 2005.  As result, his studio entered 2006 nearly 80% booked for the year and was completely booked by March 1, 2006.  By the way, the studio had it's best year ever in 2005!

Thursday: 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Computer Day - This will be a very intense 8 hour session to fry your brain on the top software solutions available, including Photoshop.  These solutions will take your studio to the next level in efficient workflow and sales flow. What's important though is the fact that David will cover the most important and useful parts of Photoshop CS2 and other software discussed. You will get much more than just basic retouching.  David will show you how to solve difficult under and over exposure issues, beautiful image and eyes enhancement, setting up actions and tools, easy expression swaps, setting up signature brushes, ink-jet printing of fine art images, and a bunch more. The point of this session is to give you a running start in Photoshop, a perfect partner to your new digital workflow.

DINNER NOTE: Please be David's guest for Dinner. Around 6:30 in the evening we will all get together for dinner, refreshments, friends, and good times.

Friday: 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
What ever we didn't yet finish together with continued questions and answers, and week wrap up.

What should you bring for this exciting, intense seminar? Bring your computers, digital cameras - no film allowed, samples of your work, a notebook, and very definitely a tape recorder.

Please - no video taping permitted.

Remember, today call me at 1-800-292-2994 to register.
We look forward to seeing you. Get ready for an exciting week!!!!!

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David Ziser, whose wedding photography is considered by many to be the finest in the world, has lectured on the subject of weddings to over 16,000 photographers in nine countries around the world.

The seminar will be devoted to challenging one's creativity, and enhancing his/her wedding and portrait photography as an art form.

Main topics to be discussed in the seminar will include a discussion of Ziser's style of photography and how he is constantly enhancing images that continue to be exciting and self-motivating.

The program will also include a discussion of compositional dynamics of the image with special emphasis on Line, Shape, Form, and Color as key ingredients for producing superior photographic images.

Although the seminar will revolve around Brides and Grooms, everyone who has ever taken a class with David knows that his ideas and concepts are founded in quality, contemporary portrait techniques. Therefore, the photographer specializing in portraiture should not miss this opportunity either, and is encouraged to participate and stretch his horizons in the seminar as well.

The seminar will not be strictly photography. Ziser will also briefly discuss his sales strategies. David's wedding average in 1979 was $375. In 1987 it was $3200. He currently has raised it to over $10,000 per wedding, nearly four times the average of his local market area.

David will discuss the "secrets" of producing award winning photographs on every job. In 1988, one of his entries scored a perfect 100. David also received his Fellowship Degree in the American Society of Photographers in 1988. Only 100 photographers in the world can claim that distinction. In 1990, his image entitled "Moonlight Serenade" was accepted into the American Photography Hall of Fame.

David believes that we photographers are too often wrapped up in photographic equipment and cook-book technique, unfortunately missing the intangible qualities of what our photography needs to capture most for our client - romance, sensitivity, and beauty - the essence of his photography.

David Ziser's program will spark your creativity and enthusiasm
the way no wedding program has ever done before.

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