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Chronological Highlights

Chronological Highlights

June 11095 through June 1997
Completed two years as president of the James A. Caywood PTA. Over that two years, the Caywood PTA raised over $32,000 which was distributed to the "Caywood Kids" and their school through the several PTA projects and programs. In that same two years, membership in the Caywood PTA nearly tripled, making it the largest (and one of the most active) PTA’s in the three county area of Northern Kentucky.

January 11095
Completed extensive lecture tour in New Zealand. This is Ziser's third invitation to this country to lecture about his wedding photography.

Summer 1994
Guest lecturer for the Professional Photographers of America national convention held in July in Denver, Colorado. In August, Ziser was the "Headline" speaker at the national convention of the Professional Photographers of Canada held in Calgary, Alberta.

Spring 1994
Featured wedding photographer and spokesmen for Eastman Kodak Company for their national media tour. Ziser's interviews emphasized how the prospective wedding couple could get more beautiful and exciting wedding photographs on their wedding day.

June 1993
Photographed the nuptials of Amanda Weil, the daughter of Gilbert Weil, then President and CEO of Bigg's Hypermarkets. The wedding was held on the family property in Mt. Lookout, Ohio.

November 1993
Traveled to Mexico City, Mexico to share his expertise with wedding photographers throughout the country on behalf of Eastman Kodak, Mexicana for their major lecturing event of the year.

April 1992
Chosen by Eastman Kodak Company to be featured in their "Meet the Masters" series of cable television programs broadcast to Great Britain, France, Canada, Mexico and the United States.

March 1992
The world's leading manufacturer of wedding albums, Art Leather, Inc., choose Ziser's images, exclusively, for their new wedding album brochure.

January - December, 1991
Traveled to nine countries, fifty different cities around the world. Lectured in five languages to 14,000 professional photographers, sharing his distinctive style of wedding photography.

August 1990
Up to this time had the distinction of being the only wedding photographer worldwide with his work on display at the International Photography Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

March 1990
Selected as portrait photographer for the wedding of Gigi Garner, daughter of actor James Garner, held in Nashville, Tennessee.

July 1990
Profiled in Photog 2000 magazine, the world's leading Chinese photographic magazine; the only American wedding/portrait photographer ever featured.

June 1990
Profiled on Toronto's very popular CK-FM radio station regarding recent lecture to professional photographers in the greater Toronto area.

November 1989
Selected by Barbara and William Weprin, President and CEO of Elder-Beerman department stores, to photograph the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter, Amy. Previously photographed their son, Scott, for his Bar Mitzvah.

October 1989
Appointed to Wedding Photographers International Board of Advisors.

May 1989
Hired by Towne Properties partner, Marvin Rosenberg, to photograph the wedding of his daughter, Susan to Mr. David Weschler.

March 1989
Photographed the nuptials of Jo Ellen Rooks, daughter of Mr. Wes Rooks, owner of Burger King Restaurants of Cincinnati. The wedding was held at the Rotunda at the Colonnade Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida.

October 1988
Photographed the wedding of WLW news anchor woman Lauren Chesley, daughter of nationally acclaimed attorney Stanley Chesley and Sue Ellen Chesley, held at the Hall of Mirrors at the Netherland Omni in Cincinnati, Ohio.

June 1988
Retained to photograph the wedding of Beth Haffer, daughter of Gloria Haffer, then mayor of Amberley Village, held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Cincinnati.

May 1988
Wedding image entitled "Somewhere in Time" was one of eleven images selected from photographers throughout the United States by the World Council of Professional Photography for their 1988-1990 international exhibit. This collection is being exhibited throughout the world and incorporates 150 images of the finest work of photographers from 18 countries around the world.

November 1987
Photographed the nuptials of Karen Bauer to Frank Wood, then president of Jacor Communications, parent company of WEBN and WLW Radio.

May 1984
Distinguished as "Fellow" in the Master Photographers Association of Great Britain, their highest honor. Only nine such fellowships had been bestowed worldwide at that time. Ziser was the second American ever to receive this honor.

March 1984
Cover photograph of "Rangefinder" magazine, one of the most widely read journals for the wedding and portrait photographers throughout the world.
May 1984
Distinguished as "Fellow" in the Master Photographers Association of Great Britain, their highest honor. Only nine such fellowships have been bestowed worldwide. Ziser was the second of only two Americans ever to receive this honor.

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Comments heard around town

"...The choice of photographer is perhaps the best decision we made in planning our wedding. We could not be any happier with the photographs..."
Patti Zonars

"...Truly your touch of mastery shows through the lens."
Shelly and Matt Walchle

"...The pictures are all we could have possibly wanted..."
June Bergin

"...Anyone can take pictures - you paint a picture in an artistry that we, along with so many others, appreciate. We look forward to spending another day with you when our other daughter, Kathy, is wed in October. Your presence at a celebration is a delight."
Many thanks,
Dan and Sandy Keller

"...We wanted to let you know how happy we were with the wedding album. It looks absolutely wonderful..."
Rick and Mary Ann de Sante

"...Thanks for being so wonderful at Stephanie's Bat Mitzvah. You were so accommodating and so very pleasant to work with..."
Thanks again,
Phyllis Kahn

"...I can't tell you how pleased we have been with your work. It is so nice to have magnificent memories of our affair (Bar Mitzvah) through the 'eyes' of your camera..."
Helene Elkus

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