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David A. Ziser Digital Resource Kit           David A. Ziser Video Tapes

David Ziser’s NEW Digital Resource Kit $349 - OVER  $650 TOTAL VALUE!

This is David’s best collection of value software and digital training tools available to photographers today.  It will quickly enhance your Digital profits - and it is a tremendous value!  This kit saves you time, makes you money, excites your clients, and makes Digital even a bigger “kick” and easier to use!  A total of 6 CD's and 2 DVD's

8 DISKS containing the following --

LumaPix:FotoFusion software w/490 DAZ Templates, Edges, etc and CD Video ---- $229 complete / $149 w/Templates, etc & Video only   This is the coolest software in the world for free form album design, web page and e-mail collages, and tons more. This software must be seen to be believed.  David is including 490 of his favorite templates, textures, edges, and mattes for practically effortless design work.  His 45-minute instructional video will get you up and running in no time.  3- CD Set
Upgrade to LumaPix:FotoFusion Studio – Unlimited resolution capabilities, Multiple page layout, batch processing. ADD $200
Click here to see 490 Templates, Edges, Textures, and Mattes      View DEMO

DAZ’s Digital Dashboard w/David’s CD video for PhotoShop ---- $99 value   Have you ever wished you could just press a button to fix "Under or Over Exposure problems, add a beautiful vignette, paint with light, created beautiful retouched images, or design and compose Digital album pages quickly and easily.  Now you can with David’s Digital Dashboard.  Simply drop the “Dashboard” into PhotoShop according to the simple directions and be up and running in no time.  Also included is David’s 40-minute instructional PhotoShop video to get you up and running in no time.  – 1 CD

ArcSoft DVD Slide Show w/David’s CD video ---- $49 value    Use your DVD burner and this powerful software and you can create a “Presentation” DVD of your Digital images with music - a very HOT item for David’s clients!  He sells this DVD product for $325 about 100% of the time to his clients.  1 – CD

MASTER IMAGES Video CD ---- $99 value   David’s Video CD features over 400 of his most beautiful, dramatic, and story telling images.  It is a great collection of images showing wonderful posing, lighting, and composition.  It is truly a MASTER SET of images that will inspire your photography. 1 - CD

DVD - SHOOTING DIGITAL at the SPEED of LIGHT ---- $59 value

This DVD will speed you through the entire digital learning curve. You will be up to speed in record time producing some of your most exciting images. Here what's covered - Camera Options, Best Lens Choices, Beautiful Lighting, Optimum Exposure, Gorgeous Portraits, Dramatic Pictorials, Exciting Composition, and Reception Coverage.   1- DVD


OK, You have taken the images - now how can you get the most out of them. This DVD is the “fast track” to kick your sales into gear, create unbelievable products for your clients, and produce the most exciting digital output ever! Digital Workflow, Super Salesflow, Profit Building Techniques, Image Presentations, Great Sales Add-ons, FAST Album Composites, Easy Color Management, Archival Digital Output.  1- DVD


SUPERSIZE It - All 3 disks - only $50 complete  (Total value $150)

Power Tools 2 - David's newest Power Tools Video. This video CD will show you many of the most creative and advanced features of LumaPix:FotoFusion. David will demonstrate how to add graphics to your collages, how to use textures and edges, add spot color, and show you some "text" tips to really add interest to your projects.
Value: $50

Digital WakeUp Call - 2 DVD Set - 41/2 hours of David presenting his widely acclaimed national lecture tour.  Photographers have called it one of the BEST digital photography seminar series ever.  The 2 DVD's cover Lighting, Posing, Composition, Perspective, Lens selection, Exposure, Salesflow, Workflow, Album Design, Power Marketing, and much more.
Value: $69

Any PURCHASES over $300 receive a $50 coupon towards 

David’s week long Digital Master Class 

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For more information about DAVID A. ZISER SEMINARS and instructional videos, please visit: 
Or contact Susan at 2957 Dixie Highway Edgewood, KY 41017   TELE: 859.341.5900     800.292.2994     FAX: 859.341.0964 


David's "LEGACY" Video Collection!  Complete Collection Only $299

VIDEO #1...Beautiful Wedding Portraits with a Single Light Source 1hr 30min  $49.00

David Ziser is an avid believer in keeping portraiture simple. The portraits he creates in this module are beautiful examples of that simplicity in practice. all of the images discussed in this tape were produced with only one light source supplemented with a silver reflector to create the fill illumination.
He will show you his step by step plan for making individual photographs of the Bride and Groom on the wedding day while keeping it easy and elegant. David will discuss and demonstrate the classical lighting patterns he uses to bring out the best in his clients.
David has a manner of teaching that makes sure the results are easily learned, smoothly implemented, and particularly beautiful!


VIDEO #2...Elegant Portraits of the Bride & Groom Individually 49 minutes  $49.00

Have you ever wondered and worried about how to create all those beautiful poses of the bride or the groom in that limited amount of time we have for photography on the wedding day?

This module offers many insights into that question. David demonstrates how he creates a full range of beautiful and different images for the bride and then the groom on their wedding day. He will demonstrate how he flows from one pose to another smoothly and effortlessly. He will demonstrate how to range the background from low key to high with very little additional effort, producing portraits of stunningly beautiful quality.

The portraits he creates with his techniques are the main reason his clients select him for their wedding photography!


VIDEO #3...Sensitive Portraits of the Wedding Couple 1hr 20min   $49.00

How much easier can it be, David Ziser asks? "I don't have time to set up a half dozen lights at the wedding when I'm working with my wedding couple. So, when I make my portraits, my techniques are going to help me produce a wide variety of images in a very short amount of time. We all know that you can't keep the guests waiting at the reception."

This module demonstrates how to bring two people together in a terrific combination of poses that flow smoothly from one to the other and capture the wonderful feeling of the couple of their wedding day. "My lighting is simple and my posing is easy. My step by step plan for both is easy to learn. This tape offers you that possibility!"


VIDEO #4...Romantic Window Light Wedding Photography 42 minutes   $49.00

Wedding photography should not be simply a portrait session for the bride and groom in front of a painted background. Window light photography gives us that opportunity to add beauty and variety to our coverages.

But how can we find that beautiful direction of light? How do we bring our couples together for window light photography? How do we use this soft light source to really flatter our clients? How do we control the contrast of the scene we are seeing" What are some simple background alternatives when our location has nice window light but a distracting background? David's answers to these questions will help you produce a truly superior photographic product for your clients!


VIDEO #5...Supporting Cast With The Bride & Groom 46 minutes   $49.00

Taking portraits on a wedding assignment can easily add $200 to $300 to the order. Knowing the right portraits to take can add even more to that figure. Ziser shows how easy it is to "break the mold" of tired traditional wedding combinations of moms and dads with the bride and groom. He takes it even further and shows how simple it is to come up with wonderful alternative photographs of the bride and groom with their various support people.

Learn how to make images that not only become part of the bridal album but are extremely salable to the support people as well. You will see how Ziser's technique of "flow posing" can help you create these great combinations of images in a very short amount of time. The result to the photographer incorporating these techniques is an increase in client satisfaction and sales!


VIDEO #6...The Eyes of Love 60 minutes   $49.00

How would you like to create a series of photographs of the Flower Girl and the Ring Bearer that would almost guarantee the sale of five to ten additional images on every wedding in which children were involved? This module tells how David produces those very special images of children that the bride and groom want in their album, and that the parents of the children want on their wall. You will see how he photographs the children individually, together and with the bride and groom.

David will show you many alternative poses that are equally effective in producing outstanding results in your everyday children's photography in your studio. This module give you a valuable tool to help you produce some of the most beautiful, fun, spontaneous, heartfelt portraits of children that you and your clients have ever seen.


VIDEO #7...Secrets of Composition 60 minutes   $49.00

This is the video that photographer’s have been requesting from David for years. It’s finally here - nearly one full hour dedicated to the Compositional Dynamics of the photograph. You will learn the most important elements in producing exciting images for you and your client. There is no other video tape on the market that deals with this subject as thoroughly as this new tape from David.


VIDEO #A...Booking the $2000 Wedding 83 minutes   $49.00

This is David's "legacy" sales video. 
Yes, the title is a bit out of date the sales information remains current as David continues to use the same successful sales presentation he has used for many years.
This video module is your opportunity to sit down with David in his Sales Studio during one of his consultations. Hear the words he uses as he presents his work, closes the sale, and encourages the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding for photographs. As a bonus, this video also contains over 150 images taken during one of David's actual weddings.


VIDEO #B...How to Sell the $2000 Wedding 72 minutes   $49.00

This is David's 2nd "legacy" sales video. 
Again, the title is a bit out of date the sales information remains current as David continues to use the same successful sales presentation he has used for many years.
See how David's sales techniques have allowed him to achieve and maintain a wedding sales average more than 4 times that of his market area! Sit with David as he makes an actual sale presentation to his clients.  See how he builds the album order with logic and enthusiasm.


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